John Muir

Posted on August 11, 2011

“John Muir’s Memory of Shipwrecked Apples” before the apples. I was reading some of his writings from his boyhood in Scotland …

“The highest part of our playground back of the school commanded a view of the sea, and we loved to watch the passing ships and, judging by their rigging, make guesses as to the ports they had sailed from, those to which they were bound, what they were loaded with, their tonnage, etc. In stormy weather they were all smothered in clouds and spray, and showers of salt scud torn from the tops of the waves came flying over the playground wall. In those tremendous storms many a brave ship foundered or was tossed and smashed on the rocky shore. When a wreck occurred within a mile or two of town, we often managed by running fast to reach it and pick up some of the spoils. In particular I remember visiting the battered fragments of an unfortunate brig or schooner that had been loaded with apples, and finding fine unpitiful sport in rushing into the spent waves and picking up the red-cheeked fruit from the frothy seething foam”.

Boyhood in Scotland by John Muir p.21 The Wilderness World of John Muir

here are the apples so far:


Posted on August 3, 2011
Heres a shot of the me and the painting “Crusade”. Much like the crusades it seems to be going on and on…